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This was a great and informative article, however it stopped being great and informative when you backed up 5 yards and punted! I am confused by the way it appears that you are condoning the behavior of Corey. Also, how many reports and allegations have to happen before common sense takes over and you realize that if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck….well you know the rest. Also, you should have never given Corey or Jamie any authority over anything, the power has gone to their heads and you fed the fire.

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Hi, Genny. You make several good points.

In the article, I tried my best to remain neutral and to recognize that the allegations and the investigation do not equate to guilt. But I understand what you mean. The investigation is ongoing, and eventually there will either be an indictment, or there will not.

The “Willard MO - City News and Issues” page has been very good about approving my other articles…just not when they contain the type of information found in this one.

I really appreciate that you took the time to read the entire thing.

- Brad

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Great article!!

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Thank you, Scott.

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Thank you for making the public aware.

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Thank you for reading, Lauren.

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So ..if you're going to spread crap, where's the crap on the rest of us.

What about the Mayor, the other Aldermen, me...hell, I spent most of my life tied to the military. Oh...let's not forget you. And since YOU don't live in Willard, what's the point?

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Hi, Terry.

As far as I know, none of the folks you mention are currently being investigated by law enforcement for allegedly having embezzled from their employer while holding elective office (while mayor, in this case — more on that in the coming days) or appear to currently be living outside their administrative district.

Did you read the article? If so, did my intentions seem malicious? Could you point to where in the article you find that to be the case?

Should I have left out my criticisms of Mayor Snider? Or left out the positive assessments of the former city clerk and Alderman Hendrickson?

Also, do you feel the story will only acquire legitimacy once it’s eventually carried by local corporate media? And will it matter that their reporters do not live in Willard?

Are voters better served by not knowing about these issues?

If you’d like, please visit my “About” page for more information:


Thank you. I appreciate the comment.

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